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Can you make money selling feet pictures

can you make money selling feet pictures

After pictuers, lots of bloggers use stock photos showing nothing else but feet to promote their blog posts. Then there are companies that sell products focused around feet, skin, and toes too, they need models for that! See disclosure for details. Bloggers like me and other digital publishers who use feet photos to illustrate articles and promote them on social media. Small businesses that need feet photos for their advertising and product packaging. This fourth category is the one most articles and youtube videos teaching how to sell selilng pics for money tend to focus on. But for me personally, and I may be wrong about this, it feels a little too weird to can you make money selling feet pictures my photo off to a stranger to fantasize .

Using Snapchat To Boost Sales of Feet Pictures

Are you strapped for cash? Then you could make money selling pictures of your feet!! Believe it or not, feet pictures are very popular. Below I share the low down on rights and wrongs of selling your feet pictures. When it might be illegal. If you are a student or under 18 there are limited places to sell your pictures online. These are mentioned below. As well as great places to make money for adults. So, if you want to make money selling pictures of your feet below some great ideas that you can use to do that. How you make money selling feet pictures is different for each age group so I have split it down. You should wait until you are 18 or of age if different than With the Exception of the student site mentioned in the year-old student section. While as listed above there are lots of good reasons for buying feet pictures there are also some very dodgy ones. I have also seen lots of enterprising youngsters under 18 doing well online with lots of different things. If you do decide to continue there are sites suggested below that you can relativity safely sell you images if you follow their guidelines. While you can use the list of websites listed at the bottom of the post under the Ages 13 to 17 you also have the following option:. There are some sites that do allow college students to contribute their photos they have special schemes for it. Normally, 18 however they have a student program where students Can sell their pictures. There are lots of issues with dealing with minors and lots of laws to protect them from dodgy characters. Stock Libraries Online are a great place to start. You can also sell them privately or to publishers. A great place for selling feet pictures is online. There are lots of well-established stock photo websites where you can submit your feet photographs and the age to join as a contributor.

First Off, Who Are The People Who Pay For Feet Pictures?

Want to sell your feet pictures? And guess what — this site, Kingged. This article tells you how it really works and how to join this other special social site for free, whether you are looking to sell or buy feet pictures or videos. This article also answers many of the questions you might have about selling pictures of your feet. Questions such as whether it is legal or illegal to even think of doing this, whether you need to be of certain age or not, whether you can make a lot of money doing this or not, etc. Apart from selling foot pictures, this article also looks at several other weird ways people make extra money online. But most importantly, we will also show you the best site to join, for FREE , and start getting paid right away. We know the best site to join for buying and selling feet pictures… because we built it … after many months of connecting feet lovers with beautiful feet. We built this other feet picture selling site after many months of connecting buyers to sellers through emails. If you previously visited this article in the past, you will remember we were collecting email addresses of feet lovers and connecting them to feet sellers and vice versa, right? We did that for several months and were able to connect A LOT of feet lovers with girls with beautiful feet. Many of the sellers made a lot of money selling their feet pictures and videos. Why Kingged. We had spent several months connecting feet lovers and sellers through emails but that stopped working as it was in the beginning. Instead of what we did previously which was provide the list of buyers and sellers, we let you join the special site we have built, to connect directly with buyers and sellers! We are doing a lot and spending money to get actual buyers who want to view and buy lovely feet pictures to join this special social site. The buyers can view your samples and contact you directly on the site, to buy more from you or even pay you a lot more money, for customized pictures or videos of your feet. Those who have this foot fetish are able to get great looking feet pictures online for free so why should they pay big money for yours, right? Yes, many people really buy these pictures. People buy feet pics because they love feet! Just like we buy what we love — same with those who love feet. And people have been loving feet for hundreds of years! Yes, there are definitely many people out there also interested in small foot just as there are those interested in large and in-between sizes. Whether small feet, large feet, white, brown, black — whatever size or type, there are people who will be interested in yours! To buttress my point that millions of men probably even millions of women love good looking feet, even in sexy or fetish kind of way, below are sexy feet scenes from the biggest Hollywood stars out there like:. Also, as you can see from the dates of the above scenes, the love for feet has been a thing for a very long time now. Movies mostly depict what is real, in real life.

How to sell feet pics on Instagram

Author: Aria December 22, Cxn Advice. Selling Feet PicsSnapchat. I know I certainly would have, once upon a time. But, hey, chalk up yet another lesson learned about human sexuality from being a cam girl. So stick with plctures, and learn how to sell pictures of your feet online! Luckily, signing up is easy. Chaturbate is good for selling feet pics for a couple of reasons.

In other words, the kinky crowd. Now, obviously a professional pedicure is best here, even if it can get pricey. Also, not for nothing, a nice, decadent pedicure makes me feel like a pampered Princess. Just sayin. If you do decide to groom your feet yourself, you really want to spoil those puppies. A hot soak in epsom salt followed by a good stone scrub to remove any visible callouses and other blemishes is a great start.

Next, exfoliate with a peeling mask. You should finish with oodles upon metric oodles of a good moisturizing cream feer, and find the one that works best for your skin. Just be careful not to spectacularly embarrass yourself by forgetting that your feet are covered in slick lotion and trying too soon to walk barefoot on a tile floor.

Gimme a break. In your public Chaturbate chat room, you can attract you right crowd by using hashtags on your room. Make it clear that your feet are your favorite part of your body, and you consider them to be your greatest attribute. One of the awesome things about targeting the foot fetish niche like this is that these guys have a pretty narrow focus. As in, they really just want to see a pretty pair of feet. You never have to get naked or do anything explicit on camera if makke prefer not to.

What you really want to do is use your channel there, and the high traffic of fetish enthusiasts it provides, to direct attention to your Snapchat pcitures. Cam site audiences eat up free stuff like their last meal, as we all know from the legions of lookie-loos who will sit and watch your show without ever giving you a tip.

Snapchat is where we do that, and this is the elite hack of selling pictures of your feet. For the most part, all you have to do is run this account like a normal Snapchat, with random pictures, videos, and comments about your life. THIS is how to sell pictures of your feet! Be advised, of course, when you take custom orders, you may get some unusual requests. Foot fetishists are a pretty diverse lot. Can you make money selling feet pictures are those who will ask to see feet covered in baking flour, or oil, or maybe, certain bodily fluids.

Whatever, honey. Oh, but please, do yourself a favor. Set up a separate Snapchat account for. So, yeah, it can get a little awkward at times. Selling Feet Pics.

Best Method For Selling Feet Pics

Yes, you read that right you can make money selling feet pictures. There is a massive market out there for those who might have good looking feet and are looking to make some extra money. If you put in the work well this can be quite picturex. This article will delve into why people like to buy feet pics, how you can get paid online to take pictures of your feet. Also, some tips to get feet like a model. So, before we get any further, not all people who may want pictures of feet have a sexual fetish. Some just like the look of good-looking feet presented in a way that appeals to. And in some cases, you may have caught the eye a talent scout who may be on the lookout for new foot models to advertise the latest shoes, sandals. They are looking to spend money on pictures of feet because they love looking at feet and have requirements that may need sleling be met. There are millions of people that love feet and are willing to pay for pictures of healthy and attractive looking feet or whatever tastes they. They want pictures of feet that are tailored to their taste. Millions of ,oney and women they exist too that enjoy looking at feet. Many miney them will not admit it but they are attracted to feet. An attraction to feet is pictuees common than most people would think. Even Hollywood likes feet, OK they like everything in Hollywood. Some of your favorite movies have foot scenes. Through out the movie Boomerang the main character is obsessed with finding a woman with perfect feet. If your county has strict dress yoh laws for women then it is very likely that it maybe illegal.


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